About Joining

UCLA Triathlon is constantly training for the next race season. We are always actively seeking new team members to join us. Prospective members are able to participate in team practices for a week to see if the team is a fit for them. In order to participate at our practices without being a registered member, you must fill out a waiver. Ask an officer at practice for details. Our practice times can be found on the schedule page. Questions? Email or speak to a team officer at practice.

The Joining Process

Membership in the UCLA Triathlon Team is yearly, following the academic quarter system, Fall through Summer. All memberships expire at the end of the summer quarter. Quarterly rates are also available starting in January if you plan to be active 2 or fewer quarters per year. Contact for details. Dues will be paid online. To join:

  1. Sign in on Orgsync with your UCLA username and password. Go to The UCLA Club Sports Program page. Click the welcome tab and scroll down to the Participant Registration form. During this process you will have to complete step 2, there will be a link in the form to bypass seaching for the club sports fee online.
  2. Pay the $25 Clubsports fee. Sign in to the UCLA Recreation Site here. Click “Register Online” >> Click BROWSE >> Club Sports >> Club Administrative/Registration Fee >> Club Triathlon (Page 5) >> Add to Cart
  3. Pay team dues online. This is found on the same list as the club sports registration fee listed as Club Triathlon – Annual Dues.
  4. After paying the Club Sports waiver fee, go to the Competitive Sports Clubhouse (John Wooden Center, NW corner, 2nd floor) to pick up your complementary UCLA Club Sports gift!
  5. After paying your team dues, send your receipt to or bring the receipt to practice and we will get you added to our email list, social media, and give you team swag!

Official Yearly Dues are:

  • $250 for UCLA students and alumni
  • $300 for other members of our UCLA community

These dues will cover the cost of triathlon coaching along with a variety of clothing items. Members will receive:

  • One T-shirt
  • One water bottle
  • One swimcap
  • One tank top
  • One full-zip athlete jacket