Tentative Race Day Schedule

Sunday, April 3rd, 2016: IronBruin Draft-Legal

  • 5:00 AM Transition Open
  • 5:50 AM Family Pool Open for Warm-Up
  • 6:00 AM Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting at T1
  • 6:00 AM Transition Closed
  • 6:00 AM Open
  • 7:00 AM Collegiate Female
  • 8:00 AM Collegiate Male

Note: The wave schedules are tentative


Field for each race will be limited to 16 competitors.  Each WCCTC team will be allowed to enter 2 team members until October 1st, at which time we will open up registration for additional racers.

Please email UCLA Triathlon Head Coach Brady O’Bryan at bobryan@ucla.edu if you are interested in racing in the Draft Legal event. You may be asked to provide evidence of group riding or draft legal racing experience. Upon approval, you will be given a password to register.

Transition Set-Up Instructions:
Use Easton Drive for T1. T1 will open for set up once everyone from the previous wave has left T1. Racers will not be allowed to set up T1 until their race is next.

T2 is closed to everyone at 6:30. T2 will reopen for Wave 2 and Wave 3 athletes after all athletes in Wave 1 exit T2. It is highly recommended that Wave 2 athletes set-up T2 before 6:30.

Race Details
Swim: 750m

  • Each racer will be assigned half a lane of Park Pool (50m). A signal may be given, by a lap counter, to the competitors at half the total distance and before the last lap. Athletes provide their own lap counters. Lap counters are not mandatory, but swimming the entire distance is.
  • Swimmers will be required to stay on their half of the lane and will be disqualified for interfering with other swimmers.

Bike: 13 mi

  • The bike course will be draft legal.
  • Bike course will be 5 loops (See Course Map), a lap counter will be present and a bell will ring prior to final lap.
  • Bike will finish at T2 adjacent to the IM field.
  • Bike Prime Sprint Line will be marked with a sign and a solid yellow chalk line. The Prime will be awarded to first athlete across the line on the 3rd loop of the bike course.
  • You are responsible for understanding the ITU draft legal rules on the bike. A description of the rules can be found here.

Run: 5k (Collegiate/Open)

  • Run will be 3 loops.
  • Run will finish on Fire Road.

Course Maps: 

Bike Course (5 Loops)

Run Course (3 Loops)


  • ANSI/Snell approved helmets required. Participants without a proper helmet will not be allowed to race.
  • You are responsible for your own safety and working condition of your bicycle.
  • Only participants will be allowed in the transition area.
  • All participants will be required to sign a waiver during packet pickup.
  • All participants must yield to emergency vehicles.


UCLA is an urban campus. It has taken over 30 paid traffic control officers to make this event possible. All instructions related to parking or traffic flow must be followed to the letter to ensure this event will be allowed to happen again next year. Anyone caught disobeying event rules or instructions will be disqualified immediately.