Race Day Schedule

  • 5:15 AM, Packet Pick-up Opens, Transition 2 Opens. All competitors begin geting body marked in T2.
  • 5:30 AM, T1 opens for Wave 1.
  • 6:30 AM, Mandatory pre-race meeting for Wave 1 at Park Pool/T1
  • 6:35 AM, Family Pool Opens for additional warm-up swim.
  • 7:00 AM, Packet Pick-up ends. T1 closes. RACE START for Wave 1 competitors.
  • 7:25 AM, Mandatory pre-race meeting for Wave 2 at Park Pool/T1
  • 7:30 AM, T1 re-opens for second Wave 2 racers
  • 7:45 AM, T1 re-closes. RACE START for Wave 2 competitors.
  • 8:15 AM T1 Closes to all Race Participants (All T1 gear will be brought down to expo area)
  • 10:45 AM, Awards Ceremony

Staggered Start

You may find yourself asking “how does the time-trial start of this triathlon work?” and “why am I the 327th competitor if I can complete the swim in under 7 minutes?”

The staggered time-trial start where one competitor begins at a time, adds a unique aspect to triathlon racing. You are racing everybody in your division, but metered against the clock. Furthermore, with the restraints that hosting a triathlon on an urban campus such as UCLA, it allows us to hold the race in standard order while allowing over 500 competitors to race. Each athlete will begin by pushing off the pull and snake-swimming through the pool, spaced 5 to 10 seconds apart. Thankfully Paul Williams of SB Timing takes care of all the technical issues related to hundreds of separate start times.

Start order is chosen on the basis of estimated swim time which was provided at registration. We have tried to minimize congestion in the pool and on the bike course by using two series of starts, each lasting 30-40 minutes with intermittent pauses separating major divisions. Please trust that we have not erred in assigning your start time. There are some faster athletes in the second round, and some slower athletes in the first round. Transition #1 (T1) will re-open between these two rounds for approximately 20 minutes between the two starting rounds.

If you are unhappy with your starting time (but please realize that somebody has to start last), we will consider requests if emailed to


The race will be divided into two waves. Wave 1 will start at 7AM and Wave 2 will start at a time TBD, depending on the number of athletes in Wave 1. The race will begin with a time-trial start. We will assign your start time based on the estimated swim time you provided in your registration. Your wave number and race start time will be available at packet pick-up.

Course Description

Swim 400m (8 laps):
Each competitor will be assigned a specific start time. So each racer will start individually and be racing against the clock. Each participant will proceed to snake-swim through the 8-lane (50m) pool for a total distance of 400m. Learn to push off under the lane lines as flip turns are not allowed! All competitors will be given a complimentary event swim cap, but they are not required. Caps ARE RECOMMENDED, and non-event swim caps can be used. Don’t forget to bring your own swim caps. The water temperature of the Sunset Canyon Park Pool ranges from 79-81ºF. Wetsuits are NOT ALLOWED.

Bike 13.5mi (4 FULL LAPS):
The bike course begins with the steepest descent of the course. Be aware of merging riders to your left, especially on the first left turn at the bottom of the hill. The road flattens, passes the University Elementary School, and hangs right at Stone Canyon South, which will begin a few moderate, but short hills. You will follow course markings through the more remote areas of North Campus, until you are back on Charles E. Young Drive South. Your next turn is right, which will bring you to approach Dickson Plaza, where you will turn left and continue the gradual downhill. You will proceed under the tunnel connecting the School of Public Health with the Life Sciences Building, prior to making a right up Westwood boulevard. You will now be at the heart or entrance to the campus prior to your last flat section before the big climb back to the start. Proceed under the bridge which is Spaulding Field — practice field to the UCLA Football team, and make a right up Charles E. Young Drive West. After passing the entrance to De Neve Plaza and Bruin Walk, you will turn left up the last portion of the climb on De Neve Drive prior to looping clockwise to the start. Complete 4 FULL LAPS, and on your fifth lap, proceed into T2 on the north end of the IM field.

Run 5.00km:
Exits T2 on the SE gate of the IM field and proceeds east on Bruin Walk. Upon reaching Bruin plaza, runners will turn to the right and meet up with the bike course, where they will run on the inside of the loop until the entrance to Parking Structure 4 where runners will make one more loop before finishing. All runners must yield to bikers in any case that this boundary is ambiguous. Although there are no steep portions to the run, there is a long gradual hill as you proceed North between miles 1 and 2! Note the addition of the extra loop around Perloff Hall in Dickson Plaza during the 2nd mile of the run.

You must bring your own bag to use for transition. We will use it to transfer your belongings from T1 to T2.When you arrive please claim your spot in T2 in the IM by placing your run shoes and any other personal belongings (first come first serve). After you have completed checking in you should head up to Sunset Recreation where the first swimmer will start at 7:00:00. Please only bring only the items necessary for swimming and biking (bike shoes, bike helmet, goggles, cap) and warm clothes. Rack space is limited at T1. We ask you show up no earlier than 30 minutes prior to your start time to T1.When you exit the pool to begin the bike portion of the race please make sure all of your belonging are enclosed in your bag and labeled with your race number. This will help us keep track of what belongs to who. If you finish the race before 10am you may head up to Sunset to obtain your belongings. After 10am we will be cleaning up T1 and your labeled bag will be delivered to you on the IM field.

Course Maps

map1 map2 map3


  • ANSI/Snell approved helmets required. Participants without a proper helmet will not be allowed to race.
  • No drafting. Stay to the far right as possible, especially for slower riders.
  • You are responsible for your own safety and working condition of your bicycle.
  • Only participants are allowed in the transition area.
  • All participants will be required to sign a waiver during packet pickup.
  • All participants must yield to emergency vehicles.


UCLA is an urban campus. It has taken over 30 paid traffic control officers to make this event possible. All instructions related to parking or traffic flow must be followed to the letter to ensure this event will be allowed to happen again next year. Anyone caught disobeying event rules or instructions will be disqualified immediately.