Brady O’Bryan


“UCLA is lucky to have Brady O’Bryan take on the coaching responsibilities for the Tri Team” said UCLA triathlete Liz Noey (Ph.D. Candidate, Organic Chemistry; 2012 Wildflower Olympic Distance Champion). “His knowledge and love for the sport comes through in each workout he gives us.”

O’Bryan recently graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics. He has been racing as a professional triathlete since 2010. In 2011, Brady won the USAT Undergraduate Collegiate National Championship. Brady’s approach to coaching is systematic: “When developing a detailed program for a team of over 100 athletes, it is important to realize that nobody is the same. Nobody is built the same, nobody moves the same, and nobody heals the same.” Everyone also comes to the sport with varying degrees of athletic proficiency. Some are swimmers, some are runners, some are cyclists and some just want to get healthier.

O’Bryan meets each triathlete where they are to help them achieve their goals. “When I look back at this year, I will measure my success by how many of our triathletes achieved their individual goals as much as I will look at our conference and national standings,” said O’Bryan.